Whew! The 21 Naughtiest Wedding Pictures

A wedding is a ceremony that brings together love, drinks, and jealous singles. The perfect recipe for spicy pics.

Back in the day, weddings used to be fancy events with stylish and proper pictures. This isn’t the case nowadays. And thanks to the internet, we can all join in on the fun! We’ve put together a slideshow of some of the best naughty wedding pictures, so sit back and enjoy.

1. Give me a B, give me an R!

B-R-… You’d think these naughty ladies just needed some pants, but it turns out they’re all crazy about a hunk named Bryant. The bride laughs it off, but there’s a good chance they’re talking about her husband-to-be. Is this some kind of confession, right before the couple is about to tie the knot? Get off Bryant!

On the next page you’ll see a groom that took it a step further. He asked her for her hand in marriage but couldn’t keep his to himself…

2. Asked for her hand, but couldn’t keep his own to himself

This groom decided, even before the wedding, that the grass was greener on the other side. The bride still had her wedding dress on when his roaming hands landed on another woman. Unfortunately for him, his brand-new wife saw it all happen. We doubt he’ll make it through their first night as a married couple in one piece!

But it’s not always the men that misbehave, you’ll see what we mean on the next page.

3. A day of love or lust?

These bridesmaids got a little too hot and heated during their friend’s wedding. They couldn’t contain themselves and before the end of the ceremony and are seen all tangled up in each other’s arms during a photoshoot. It looks like the other bridesmaids won’t be far behind… What do you think they had to drink during the celebration?

At least they still have their clothes on. We can’t say the same for the bridesmaids on the next page…

4. Arr-Arr-Rated

These ladies are celebrating the wedding on the clear, blue water at an exotic location. Apparently, it’s warm enough there to leave the dresses at home, because these bridesmaids weren’t wearing much more than they were born with on this special day. While we’re not too sure how the groomsmen were dressed, it’s clear that this was a fun party!

Good weather or not, sometimes you just don’t feel like wearing pants. Just like the women on the next page.

5. “Trash the dress”

What exactly is going on here remains a mystery to us. While the bride in the last picture was dressed just as skimpily as her friends, this bride has on a pretty normal wedding dress. But for some reason she and her groom have decided to “trash the dress” by rolling around in the mud. What is this, Mud Stars?

It’s not just women that have a hard time keeping their pants on during weddings apparently…

6. Best man, best butt?

In the picture above it looks like the men are playing a game of “Who has the nicest butt?” You’re welcome, readers. It’s quite likely there’s a seventh guy waiting to kick a football into the line of guys. Because yeah… boys will be boys.

That expression holds (maybe too) true for the groom on the next page.

7. Hide and seek

At first sight, you’d think the bride in the picture is ten feet tall… But if you look closer, you’ll see that it’s her brand-new husband who just couldn’t wait for the wedding tonight hiding under her dress. In the middle of a busy road, at that. We can only hope that the two lovebirds were taken to their hotel room ASAP after the picture was taken…

Of course, we can’t rule out the possibility of the man just being ashamed of how he looked… if it’s the same groom from the next page, we get it.

8. Nothing but the best, except for a suit. And a nice location. And everything else.

Most couples dream of a wedding in a beautiful ballroom. Or in the garden of an old castle. Or a stunning beach in Hawaii. These newlyweds had something else in mind, apparently. Their wedding took place between bags of grain and flour. The groom takes it a step further than just not wearing a suit, he decides to get married in only his underwear. Very minimalistic.

The bridesmaids on the next page seem to be following his lead.

9. A tip of the veil

Contrary to the groom on the last page, these bridesmaids picked out beautiful outfits for the occasion. But it must have been quite warm because the women all decided to give their derrières a bit of fresh air. It seems like the bride herself has a good idea. Will she lift up the corner of her veil?

The bride on the next page sure will…

10. It’s always nighttime somewhere!

This couple couldn’t wait ‘til sundown. The two decided to consummate their love in the middle of the forest. We hope for them that the ceremony was already over because getting grass stains out of a white dress isn’t exactly a walk in the park. The bride seems to be pretty into it too, but grass stains don’t show up as quickly on a dark blue suit.

The bridesmaids on the next page have a different kind of stain they need to be worried about…

11. Grabbing on the grass

Either these women didn’t tell the bride what size they really needed, or they just both had an itch at the same time. They went for a quick fix to the problem, but unfortunately for them, the photographer was there to capture the moment. Gotcha!

They might have done something even crazier if they had seen the photographer was there. Just like the couple on the next page.

12. Fiery photos

These wedding guests just couldn’t contain themselves. On a day celebrating love, it was hard for them to keep their hands off of each other. A photographer decided to get a quick picture of the impassioned couple, which only lead to even more scandalous photos. Do you think these two even made it to hear the I Do’s? Or had they already run away to a hidden spot?

Another wedding guest that decided to hide can be seen on the next page.

13. Going exploring

The little boy in the picture above was a little too curious to find out what was underneath the dress. The bride doesn’t appear to have any idea what’s going on, so this little explorer has all the time in the world to get a good look. We can only hope that the bride decided to put on more than just a dress to her wedding.

Old habits die hard, as you will see on the next page…

14. “I’ll uhh… call you back later!”

The groom in this picture clearly thinks that his wife has been on the phone with her mom for a little too long. He lost his patience and decided to go ahead and get under her wedding dress. The photographer in the bottom right hand corner saw his chance and was able to capture the racy moment. Get a room!

15. Close your eyes!

Weddings can get a bit crazy at times. Bridesmaids and groomsmen are especially inclined to push their boundaries. The women in the picture above didn’t even wait for the youngest member to go to bed to get started. Thankfully, the bride covers the little girl’s eyes because this is 18+!

Just like on the next page…

16. Where is the wedding dress?

In the picture above, it’s hard to say which of these women is the bride. Each one is dressed as skimpily as the next. You may be able to see it by looking at the broaches clipped to their bottoms, if you aren’t too distracted by the rest of their outfits. Now we’re especially curious to see how the men came dressed to this risqué wedding…

17. Time for bed!

Yet another bridal party that got started before the youngest bridesmaid made her way to bed. It’s a good thing the bride covered this young girl’s eyes because the other bridesmaids aren’t setting a great example for kids. It looks like this is going to be a fun party, so we hope the bride got the kid to bed early.

The women on the next page isn’t as amused…

18. Did I really say “I do”?

The women in the picture above just got married, but it looks like she’s already having her doubts. Her husband seems to be trying to calm her down, but the bride in question isn’t having it. Why did she get married if she’s having doubts right after saying “I do”? Or did something happen during the wedding, perhaps?

19. Uh, guys, this isn’t a Zoom wedding you know!

These groomsmen probably forgot how get-togethers go in the real world. The camera only captures your upper body during virtual meetings, so you don’t have to wear pants… but in real life, this isn’t the case. The groom must be so embarrassed for his friends…

The men on the next page also dropped their pants, but for a very different reason…

Source: Luxury Lifestyle | Images: 247Mirror

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