One person may love the smell of an expensive perfume while another can’t stand it. It’s obvious that not everyone likes the same scents and that each person has personal preferences. It’s not surprising that your perfume says a lot about your personality. We’ve put a few base notes of scents on a list that correlate to different personality traits. Is it right about you?

Citrus scents

Are you someone who likes to take leadership? And would your friends and family describe you as someone who is determined and sometimes even bossy? Then there’s a good chance you like perfumes with a base of citrus. These scents represent ambitious and strong people. Live Colourfully by Kate Spade and Viva La Juicy from Juicy Couture are most certainly a good match for you.

Rose scents

Do you consider every possible outcome before making a final decision? Chances are you’re someone who is sensitive, caring, and compassionate. You are someone who is always considerate of others which is why rosy scents are a great suit for you. The scent of roses represents gentle people. English Rose Perfume by Yardley London and Roses de Chloé by Chloé are probably the scents you’ve (unconsciously) been looking for for a long time.

Lavender scents

Social butterflies absolutely love lavender scents. You’re easy to get along with and your friends and family always enjoy getting together with you for drinks. On top of that, you’re always friendly and show genuine interest in others. You value friendships and always know how to cheer someone up after having a bad day. Lavender scents are great for you and the perfumes Libre by Yves Saint Laurent and Obsessed by Calvin Klein are a perfect match.

Source: Rest Wow / Image: Unsplash, Laura Chouette