Mother falls to her knees in shock after buying this decoration in a thrift shop

She never expected to find this inside the decoration

American Priscilla Bailey had no clue what was going to happen when she bought a decoration in a thrift shop in the city of Plymouth. Her daughter, Kat, had warned her about the decoration, but it was already too late. Once the mother got a better look at the decoration, she saw something that made her fall to her knees in shock.

What started as a normal trip to the thrift shop ended in a wild story for Priscilla. Curious to know the whole story? Read more on the next page now.


Priscilla has lived alone since her daughter Kat moved out. And while she doesn’t mind it, Kat still comes by to visit often. They don’t live too far from each other. Priscilla and Kat have a good relationship and often go out together. But their last trip out went quite differently than usual. What happened? Read about it on the next page.

Priscilla and Kat love shopping, and especially love going to thrift stores. Spending hours in thrift shops and finding the weirdest items to take home is what Priscilla loves most. There are lots of hidden gems to be found if you look carefully. One of these gems is something she found on her last thrifting adventure, and something she would much rather return as soon as possible.

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Priscilla could have never imagined what was going to happen during her trip to the thrift store. She roamed through the local thrift shop in Plymouth and did her usual rounds. The aisle with home accessories was her favorite. That’s where she found most of her prized purchases. These are often cheap finds. But this cheap purchase wasn’t what Priscilla had initially expected to find.

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Priscilla likes decorating her house with decorations. An ornament is a piece of work or decorative element used with the intention of creating an object or using parts of it to decorate and get inspiration from. Basically, nice accessories for at home. Once she got home, the decoration turned out to be quite different than what Priscilla was expecting.

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When Priscilla saw a shiny, blue decoration out of the corner of her eye in the thrift shop she was immediately drawn to it. Blue is her favorite color and it only cost 2 euros. She was sold right away when she got her hands on it but regretted the purchase later… the decoration turned out to have a mysterious surprise.

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Priscilla proudly took the object home with her. She was extremely happy to have gotten it for such a good price. But once she got home, she quickly realized why the former owner had gotten rid of it. She hung it up above the sink in the kitchen. A place she later on in the week would regret once she realized what it was.

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The blue, heart shaped object that Priscilla had thought was so beautiful in the store turned out to contain something else completely. The decoration seemed to be hollow on the inside, but that wasn’t the case. Her daughter Kat hadn’t realized it at first either, but when she picked it up, she noticed something was off.

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The mythic and intriguing looking decoration was very heavy. Which is weird for something that appeared to be hollow. Kat also saw it as a great find at first but in that moment started to have her doubts. Priscilla also thought it was strange that something that seemed hollow could weigh that much. She had the feeling that she had missed something when purchasing it.

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She turned the decoration around, looked at it closely, and shook it a few times. And that’s when it clicked, it wasn’t empty at all, there was something inside the heart-shaped decoration. A shivering sensation took over Priscilla’s body. The decoration had been hanging in her kitchen this whole time, how could she have not realized it sooner?

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Okay, Priscilla had figured out there was something inside the decoration. But how could she find out what it was? She didn’t want to break it open, that would be a waste. After thinking about it for a while, Priscilla decided to hold it up to the light to see if she could see what was inside. Did this help her find out?

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She shook it around a bit and held it carefully up to the light. She tediously studied the object to see if she could see what was inside. Kat tried to figure it out as well. The two of them took their time studying the decoration and finally saw something moving inside.

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Thanks to the light, Priscilla and Kat were able to see two round compartments about the size of a potato and something else inside the decoration. The two quickly looked up at each other. They realized that there was something strange about the object. Was there an age-old treasure hidden in the heart-shaped decoration? Or was it something else?

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The mother and daughter had no idea what they had just seen in the heart-shaped decoration. It could have been anything. Priscilla first thought it might be something that was worth a lot of money, but Kat wasn’t so sure. They found something they really wish they hadn’t…

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Kat and Priscilla were completely in shock from the discovery but decided to hold back on breaking the decoration open. They needed to make others aware of their discovery before doing so. The two thought it might be a one-of-a-kind discovery.

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Priscilla and Kat thought the local newspaper might be interested in their newfound discovery. And they were correct. That very night, a journalist came to their house. They were excited to receive Priscilla’s phone call and were curious to know the story behind it.

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The mother had hoped that the journalist might bring a professional who would be able to tell her more about the contents of the decoration, but it turned out the journalist had decent knowledge of the decoration themself. So, Priscilla told him the story from beginning to end. The journalist wanted to see the decoration with his own eyes and took it in his hands. The journalist asked Kat and Priscilla if they had any idea what could be inside, which is when Kat said something very strange.

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Kat, who hadn’t yet mentioned anything about her discovery to her mother, told the journalist that she thought there might be ashes in the heart-shaped decoration. Priscilla was shocked. She hadn’t even considered that she may have brought an urn home from the thrift store. That would be odd. So, was it really an urn?

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It was indeed an urn. The ashes were from someone who had passed away, the only question now is: whose? And who are these person’s close friends and family? These questions immediately began eating at Priscilla. She wanted to bring the urn back to the thrift shop, but the journalist had a better idea.

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Priscilla immediately started to feel guilty. She had hung the urn up as decoration in her kitchen window while it very well could have been someone’s loved one’s ashes. The journalist, on the other hand, was less shocked by the story. More so, he saw a silver lining and wanted to bring the story to the newspaper.

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Priscilla wanted to get rid of the object as quickly as possible after learning that it might be an urn. The journalist found it to be a special and beautiful story and wanted to write about it in the newspaper. Priscilla refused at first but her daughter, Kat, later convinced her that it might be a good idea to get it off her chest. For this reason, Kat invited another group of journalists.

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Kat told the other journalists that “the decoration was so beautiful that it absolutely must have a story.” The journalists offered to do a bit of research and find out whose it was and where it belonged. They also let the police in on the story. Priscilla was pleased to know that there were other people now searching to find the owner. However, she could have never anticipated what came next.

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The news about the lost “urn” quickly became a national story, something Priscilla could have never anticipated. The story was shared on Facebook. At first it only circulated between her friend group and a few others, but in no time, it was going around the world. Priscilla hoped that the worldwide media attention would grab the attention of the rightful owner. Did that happen?

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No matter how many people had shared it, there was still no answer after a few days. Until Kat decided to share it on her Facebook page. Everything changed when someone came out with an important explanation which made everything a bit more logical.

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A manager in the thrift shop responded to the post. He commented something that would change the entire search for the owner. The manager said that the urn must belong to someone local because all donations were from locals in the area. But who would have donated the urn?

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The manager wasn’t able to say who had donated the urn. Priscilla’s only option was to wait for a surviving friend or family member to speak up on Facebook. But then she noticed an important detail. What detail was that?

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The city where Priscilla had lived her whole life, Plymouth, isn’t very big. She realized that she probably even knew the owner. This made the search even more thrilling. What if the ashes were from someone she was ever close with? That thought sent shivers down her spine. Why did it give her goosebumps?

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It could have been her deceased neighbor’s ashes or the young, local baker who had passed away the year before in a car accident. The idea made Priscilla emotional and she wanted to get rid of the urn as quickly as possible. On one hand she wanted the owner to come forth and on the other, the idea frightened her.

Did the owner ever come forth? Read on now.


Unfortunately, days after the post was shared on Facebook, nobody had responded, nor in the weeks or months after. To this day, Priscilla still has the urn in her house. Still unsure who the owner is and even if there are ashes inside. What Kat does know is that the decoration hasn’t been good for her mother’s health. Her mother had started to call the decoration “her creepy friend”, which Kat thinks is very strange.

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Kat now has the decoration hidden away from her mom in hopes that she’ll forget about this frightening discovery. The object has caused her a great deal of stress. If the urn’s owner will ever come forth remains to be seen. In any case, it was a thrifting experience that Priscilla can never forget. What a story!

Source: Greedy Finance | Image: Pexels, Videostills

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