These are the moments when you shouldn’t be drinking water

There are moments when it’s best not to be drinking water

We all know that drinking enough water on a daily basis is very important. Usually, you can’t go anywhere online without seeing “you can never drink enough water!” Especially when it’s hot outside it’s important to stay properly hydrated. But did you know there are also moments when you should actually not drink any water?

There definitely is such a thing as drinking too much water. Here are some moments when you shouldn’t drink water!

After a big meal

If you’ve just fed your belly and you’re full as can be, it’s not very wise to drink an entire glass of water. You’re just adding more to your already full stomach. That might cause you to feel bloated and get a sore belly because the water simply doesn’t properly fit in your stomach.

Directly after exercising

Did you just work up a sweat in the gym or have you been for a long run? You’re probably feeling really thirsty because you’ve lost a lot of moisture. But you can’t replenish important nutrients you’ve ‘lost’ while exercising, like sodium and potassium, simply by drinking a glass of water. In this instance, you’re much better off drinking something like coconut water.

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