This thing we all do after just waking up is actually really bad for you


Apparently, this habit after just waking up is very bad for you

What’s the first thing you do after your blissful sleep is rudely interrupted by the alarm clock? Do you stay in bed for a few more minutes with your eyes closed, do you get up immediately or do you grab your phone? It’s probably the last one, isn’t it… It turns out that that’s actually a very bad habit.

Because of this habit, you start out your day in a negative way.


A lot of people use their phone as their alarm clock, so it’s pretty logical that you keep it next to your bed in that case. And if you’ve grabbed your phone to turn off the alarm, you might as well catch up on messages, check social media and read your emails. Well, this is actually where it goes wrong. By grabbing your phone right after waking up and not being aware of yourself, you can become grumpy and anxious.


According to a psychologist, our smartphones cause a lot of negativity. If instead of waking up slowly, you grab your phone right away, you immediately think of all the things you need to do that day and your stress levels increase. You can also get into a panic because of messages or emails you’ve gotten before you’ve even woken up properly. That way, you start your day on a negative note, which can influence your entire day. Because your day started out like this, you’ll remain irritable for the rest of the day.

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