10 warning signs of bad blood circulation

blood circulation

Be aware of these warning signs to be able to recognise poor blood circulation

Oxygen and nutrients are transported through your body by way of your blood. When your blood circulation isn’t working properly, some parts of your body don’t receive enough oxygen and nutrients. Besides that, poor blood circulation is often an important symptom of other health issues like heart conditions, diabetes or obesity. 

Recognise these 10 signals of bad blood circulation to prevent other health conditions.

10. Forgetfulness

When you’re having more problems remembering things than you used to before, you might have poor blood circulation. Your brain is no longer capable of functioning properly if there is a reduced blood flow, and this results in a diminished memory and forgetfulness.

9. Tingling sensation

Are you regularly experiencing a tingling sensation in your hands, feet, toes or other body parts? This might be caused by bad blood circulation.

8. Intestinal problems

What we mean with this is problems like abdominal aches and diarrhoea. These digestion problems might be caused by a buildup of fat on the walls of your blood vessels, which results in reduced blood flow to your abdomen.

7. Decreased appetite

Poor blood circulation might also cause you to not feel hungry very often and to have a decreased appetite. Ghrelin, more commonly known as the hunger hormone, is the hormone that controls your appetite. If the blood flow to your digestive system is reduced, it’s very likely that there won’t be any ghrelin released – or less so than normal.

6. Your skin changes colour

Cyanosis is a condition that causes your skin to become pale, blueish or red. This is caused by your blood not containing enough oxygen.

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