This is Prince William and Kate Middleton’s favourite takeaway meal

Prince William and Kate Middleton
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are just like us

As much as we love home cooked meals, sometimes we just don’t feel like cooking and we would just rather get chips or Chinese. Sure, call it lazy, but the food is just so good and we don’t always have time to cook. However, now we know that Prince William and Kate Middleton also frequently get takeaway, we aren’t ashamed anymore!

This is what William and Kate like.


Just like the common people, William and Kate love a good takeaway meal. We assume they won’t pick it up themselves, but they do still like to order their favourite meal from a takeaway place and eat it at home.

Watching telly

A few weeks ago, Prince William and Kate gave an interview with radio BBC1. During that interview, they revealed something interesting: they told the world how they like to relax. Apparently, the couple loves to sit back on the couch and watch Homeland or Game of Thrones. And when they’re enjoying their favourite show, they love to eat takeaway. Their favourite takeaway meal? Curry, so they say!


As with many British people do, Will and Kate love to eat curry. And no, they don’t have it custom-made by a famous chef, they just order it from an Indian restaurant. They obviously can’t pick it up themselves, and the courier isn’t allowed to drive all the way to Kensington Palace. Therefore, they order it and have a staff member pick it up. Even though the royal couple loves curry, William isn’t a fan of very spicy food, so he most likely orders a mild dish.

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Source: Her, BBC 1 | Image: Video still

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