With THIS trick your stir-fried chicken will be as tender as it can possibly be!

stir-fried chicken

With this trick you’ll have tender chicken every time!

You know when you go out for Chinese food and you take a bite from your stir-fried chicken and it’s absolutely heavenly? We’re surprised about the tenderness of it every single time. It’s almost velvety! Today, we’re sharing a secret tip with you that will enable you to make the perfect stir-fried chicken at home.

Stir-fried chicken

When we stir-fry chicken, we usually do it like this: we heat oil in a pan, season the chicken breast with salt, pepper and other spices and then we fry it until it’s done and golden brown. Yet we never manage to get that truly juicy and tender chicken. How do all those chefs do it?! Perhaps you’ve actually seen this trick at an all-you-can-eat restaurant already.


The technique to get the juiciest and most tender chicken possible is called ‘velveting’ and it basically means you pass the chicken through oil or water. First, you have to cut the chicken into pieces. Then, you have to prepare a mixture of egg white, cornflour, rice vinegar, oil and salt and coat your chicken with this. Next, bring a pan of water to a boil. Place a couple of pieces of chicken on a spatula and then pass the spatula through the boiling water until the chicken is just cooked. You can now use it in any chicken dish!

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Source: The Kitchn | Image: video still

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