These are 4 great health benefits of onions


Onions are very good for you

Onion and garlic is a staple in most people’s kitchens. Whether you’re cooking Italian, Mexican or Indonesian; a lot of recipes call for onion and garlic. Onions don’t just provide a great flavour to your food, they’re also very healthy for you. So, there are plenty of reasons to add an onion to your food on a regular basis.

Do you always use onions in your dishes?

1. Good bacteria

We prefer not to think too much about bacteria. They are the things that make you ill, right? Well, not always. We’ve also got a ton of bacteria living inside us that help our bodies stay healthy. Onions contain prebiotic fibres, which do their thing in your intestines. They keep the intestinal flora healthy and regulate the level of bacteria. Onions also contain a substance that stimulates the growth of bifidobacteria. These bacteria repress other bacteria that damage your intestines.

2. Your heart

There’ve been several studies on the effect of onions on your blood. These studies showed that consuming onion on a regular basis considerably reduces the risk of blood clots. Besides, there’s obviously no cholesterol in onions, but they do add a lot of flavour. So, it’s much better to add onion to your food than some extra salt, for example. Salt is bad for your blood pressure, but an onion only has health benefits.

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