These are the most fun haircuts to make yourself look a few years younger

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Sometimes the scissors don’t need to do that much to make a big difference

The right haircut can do wonders for you. It accentuates the shape of your face and shows off your best features. Sounds great, right? From short, sexy haircuts to longer models: these are the best haircuts to make women look younger.

The edgy short cut

In many countries, the short and sexy haircut is a fav. It gives you a sleek look without looking too casual.


The A-Line bob

Like playful haircuts but don’t want your hair to be too short? The A-Line bob is perfect for you! This version of the well-known bob is a bit longer in the front and shorter in the back. And you can be as playful as you want with color with this haircut. Throw in some purple or blue or go for a sun-kissed look.

The original bob

We just mentioned it: the bob. The classic haircut had to be included in this list. The bob accentuates the gorgeous contours of your face like your chin and cheekbones.

A wispy ponytail

We all know straight ponytails but what about a wispy one? This puts a playful twist on the classic ponytail. Plus, this look doesn’t cost you much time in the morning because it can be a bit more chaotic than an average, straightforward hairdo.

Short edgy bob

Another version of the bob: the short, edgy bob. This bob is a bit shorter than the original which can make you look quite a bit younger. Perfect!

A pixie cut.

Want a short hairdo but don’t want anything too spicy? Go for a pixie cut. This short cut has the advantages of short hair and the ponytail gives your face a softer look.

Blonde highlights

Don’t want to cut anything off but still change things up? Something that’ll make you look younger? Get highlights. The differences in hair color will give you a younger look and you won’t have to get rid of any length.

Layered bob

The bob will always be one of our favorites when it comes to haircuts that make you look younger. Another variation of the bob is the layered bob. With this look your hair won’t run in a straight line but in different, playful lengths.

Short curls

Have you been blessed with curly hair? Take advantage of it. Curls can give you a soft and young look. Don’t have natural curls? You can always make your way to the hairdresser and have them put it by a stylist.

Short subtle curls

You could go for a huge bird’s nest of curls but subtle waves in your hair can also give you a young, fresh look. Plus, these curls are easy to get with a curling iron if your mom hasn’t blessed you with natural wavy locks.


Braids might make you think of kids, teens, or young adults, but they can look great in older women’s hair as well. A braid is timeless, and you can always finish the look with a beautiful pin.

Long locks with a straight ponytail

Many older women opt out of long hair cause it’s such a hassle. Love long hair but you’re afraid of looking messy? Go for long locks with a straight ponytail. The straight ponytail gives your long hair a playful look without looking messy.

Blonde hair

Being blonde doesn’t necessarily make you look younger, but it has a huge advantage: gray hairs are less noticeable. So maybe you’ve gone gray but you’re not ready to share it with the world? Go for a blonde look so you can go a bit longer in between hair appointments. It’s less for work for you and your hair will be happy with it, too.

Long, wavy curls

This hairdo proves that long hair suits older women just fine. Go for a wavy look with your long hair, this’ll add a youthful element.

A bob without a middle part but with a side part

Yeah, it’s back: the bob. This time we’re talking about a bob with a different part. We all know this hairdo with a middle part but by just changing the part, it can add a youthful look.

The thick ponytail

By now we know all about up-dos in all sizes and shapes. If you have thick hair, you should definitely consider getting a thick ponytail. This look can bring out your eyes beautifully and you can comb it whichever way you want. Definitely a plus if you want to change things up from day to day.

Messy curls

We can all hear you thinking it: who wants a messy haircut? Well… you! Obviously you don’t want to walk around with knots in your hair, but it doesn’t always have to be that polished.

Layers with curled ends

Did we already mention that playful hairdos are essential to bringing back a youthful look? Well, we’re saying it again. Like long hair and want to bring something playful to it? Get layers cut in it and curl the ends.

Curly short hair

A short, spicy hairdo obviously doesn’t have to mean straight hair. Go for a short and curly cut! This is perfect for when you’ve finally let all your gray grow out because it brings out the gray in a fun way.

Luscious lob

A lob, or a long bob, isn’t just for people with straight hair. It’s perfect for curly hair, too!

A side ponytail

A ponytail doesn’t need to be straight; it can also be off to the side. It doesn’t just work for young peoples’ faces, it’s great for you’re a bit older, too! Especially if you wear your hair in a bun, this ponytail gives a chic look.

A bun

Don’t want to go to the hairdresser to cut or color your hair? You can always go for a bun. In this case, choose a high bun. This doesn’t just make you look taller; it also makes your face look thinner and gives you a younger look.

An asymmetrical cut

If your hair is straight and polished it can give you a cold look. So opt for an asymmetrical look, wearing part of your hair behind your ear. Sexy, elegant, and perfect for thin hair.

Curtain bangs

Ever heard of curtain bangs? We recommend it to anyone with an oval-shaped face. It accentuates your best features and looks chic.

Bordeaux red locks

Love taking risks? You could always try dyeing your hair red. This Bordeaux red color shows the world that you’re fearless and aren’t afraid to take risks. What else would you want to show off?

Lavender gray

Women who go through life with gray hair often do this because they’re tired of dye. But if you want to experiment a bit with color without having to touch it up every month you could try a smokey lavender color. It gives your appearance an original twist and the subtle tint means you don’t have to touch up the color every other week. Especially if you opt for highlights.


A dye technique that’s gained a lot of popularity in the past years is the balayage. This uses a dye technique that only colors part of your hair. This means you won’t have any problems with your roots and you’ll have a trendy look.

Chocolate highlights

Do you have long, brown hair and think it looks a bit boring? Give your brown locks a boost with chocolate brown highlights.

Gray with black highlights

A gray hairdo can be gorgeous and is super easy if you’re tired of dyeing your hair. But, if you’re not opposed to heading to the salon for a bit of dye, ask them to put in some dark highlights!

Brown hair with blonde and red highlights

Can’t choose between blonde or red highlights? Why not go for both?


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Source: Soo Healthy | Image: Unsplash, Edward Cisneros, Pinterest

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