Princess Diana’s butler spills the beans about Harry and Meghan’s marriage.

Paul Burrell

The former butler does not mince his words.

Being Princess Diana’s former butler, Paul Burrell knows what happens behind closed doors in the royal family. After Diana’s death, Paul was able to share a lot of juicy details about the princess’s life. But it doesn’t stop there. Paul gives his unvarnished opinion about the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan.

Inside information

If there’s anybody that knows a lot about the British royal family, it’s Paul Burrell. He began his work as butler for Princess Diana decades ago. From an early age, Burrell had been passionate about the British royal family. This passion eventually landed him his dream job: he could work for the beautiful Princess Diana 24/7.

Close relationship

Princess Diana passed away in 1997. In the ten years before her death, Burrell was the princess’s beloved butler. Anyway, that is what he claims to have been himself. Burrell claims he had an extremely close relationship with the royal family. He also declared himself “the only man Diana ever trusted.”

Remarkable figure

Burrell was not only in the public eye for his work for Princess Diana. After the princess’s death, Burrell’s house was turned upside down by the police, because he was suspected of theft. Burrell had allegedly stolen multiple items from the princess. Items that belonged either to her ex-husband Prince Charles or her eldest son Prince William. There were only a few people who stuck up for Burrell, including one specific person. And that person was Queen Elizabeth.

End of process

The fact that Queen Elizabeth put in a good word for Burrell worked out in favor f the ex-butler. The process he was in was immediately stopped after the queen came to his defense. All legal proceedings were dropped, thanks to Elizabeth.

Even more accusations

However, the allegations did not stop there. In 2008, Burrell was accused of secretly keeping some of Princess Diana’s correspondences with others. His reasoning behind this deed? “These conversations were of historical importance”, he said.

Private life under scrutiny

After all these accusations, Burrell’s life was under heavy scrutiny. After continually escaping all accusations, something remarkable happened in his life. His marriage of 32 years, to Maria, came to an end. A year later, in 2017, Burrell married his husband Graham Cooper. Burrell had reportedly told Diana that he was actually gay.

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False rumors

Did Burrell ever tell his big secret to Princess Diana? According to the butler, these rumors are false. In a conversation with OK! Magazine, Burrell said that he had never spoken candidly about his sexuality, but that Diana must have had her suspicions. “Let’s be honest: I made amazing flower arrangements, chose her outfits and gave her life advice. All the clues were there, and Diana was a smart woman.”

No stranger

All in all, we can say that Burrell is no stranger to the world of television. He wrote multiple books about the royal family, appeared in countless talk shows and competed in Celebrity Big Brother. The ex-butler knowledge therefore is not limited to the British royal family, but also includes all the media attention that accompanies it.

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Given Burrell’s knowledge of the royal family, the role as host of the British TV show Lorraine is perfect for him. The ex-butler has worked for the TV show for some time now, having entered the show before Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got married. And although the role of TV show host is a perfect fit for Burrell, he has someone else than himself to thank for it. Queen Elizabeth was instrumental in reeling in his prominent role in Lorraine.

Honest opinion

Since Prince Harry and Meghan got marries, Burrell has not stopped giving his honest opinion about the marriage. In an interview for a British documentary about Meghan and Kate Middleton, Burrell voiced his doubts about Meghan. Although he sees the former Suits actress as a strong and independent woman, he doesn’t know if she’s a good fit for the royal family. He doubted whether her background in acting would be fitting for her new role as Duchess of Sussex…

How is she going to keep this up?

Seeing as Burrell worked as Princess Diana’s butler for years, he knows unlike any other what it means to be a princess. For this reason, he compared the situation Meghan found herself in to Diana’s. “How is Meghan ever going to keep this up?”, he said in the documentary. “Princess Diana grew up in a house as big as Buckingham Palace, and even she got lost.”


Burrell did not mince his words and even said that Meghan could get herself in trouble if she failed to adhere to the royal protocol. “Buckingham Palace is like a minefield for everyone entering it for the first time. People set traps”, he explained. It was like he could predict that Meghan and Harry would be facing a difficult period….

Advice to Meghan

With his knowledge of the British royal family, Burrell was even able to give Meghan some advice. He advised her to meet the most important member of the royal family, Queen Elizabeth. He also advised Meghan to stay as close to Harry as she could.

Baby Archie

Meghan and Harry became proud parents of baby Archie in 2019. Burrell also gave his opinion about Archie’s arrival. In an episode of Good Morning Britain he spoke candidly about the little one’s arrival. He also answered the question how Diana would have received her fourth grandchild. “She would be in her element”, he said.

Harry’s striking statement

After a new documentary about Harry and Meghan and their travels through Africa was released, a striking statement of Harry surfaced. He revealed why he had such a strong desire to protect his family. “My mother clearly taught me a couple of values, which I always try to uphold – in spite of my role and my job that sometimes entails, if you know what I mean.”

Turbulent life

Harry explained that everything that his mother went through was extremely intense. In his own words, Harry did not want to be paranoid, but he also did not want the past to repeat itself. “Anyone who knows what I know – whether it be a father, a husband or whoever – would probably have the same opinion as I do.”

Princess Diana’s death had a major impact on Harry. He feared that history would repeat itself. Harry has also spoken about what caused his mother’s death. You can read it on the next page.

The media’s fault

In Good Morning Britain, Burrell spoke out about Harry’s statements in the documentary. “I knew Harry was devastated (by his mother’s death, ed.). It was awful for him to walk behind his mother’s casket. This had a bizarre impact on him. Harry had always had the feeling the princess Diana’s death was caused by the media.

A very daring statement by Burrell, which eventually got him another invitation to Good Morning Britain.

prins william funeral

During this broadcast, Burrell spoke out about Harry and Meghan again, and this caused quite a stir… Read more on the next page.

Provocative statements

Being known for his sharp tongue, he was invited to Good Morning Britain again after Harry and Meghan revealed their plans to give up their position as royals. Harry and Meghan officially announced that they are retiring from their position in the royal family. Burrell mentioned the similarities between Princess Diana and Meghan.

Marrying for love

Burrell told Good Morning America that Princess Diana taught her children an important lesson at a young age. “When I see Harry and Meghan retiring from the royal family, I think of Princess Diana. She used to say to her boys that they should marry for love. She would say: “Be respectful and kind to your wife. And be happy’.”


Burrell continued his story from his Florida home. “Diana was unhappy, and it’s evident that Harry and Meghan aren’t happy in their current surroundings either – they are oppressed by the British royal family. Diana also found it impossible to marry the entire royal family, so to speak.” The ex-butler also claimed that Diana as well as Meghan were not afraid to cut ties with people, if necessary.

Footsteps of his mother

Burrell then went on to reveal that Princess Diana had always had a secret plan in mind. According to the ex-butler, Diana had had ambitions to escape from her homeland. “She was planning to buy a house in Malibu (…) So it did not come to my surprise that Prince Harry is chasing his wife’s dreams. He is following in his mother’s footsteps.”


Given Princess Diana’s passing away and Harry and Meghan’s tough decision, Queen Elizabeth has been through quite a lot. This is why the ex-butler feels very sorry for the queen. “She is 93 years old and has suffered a lot in recent years. However, she always moves with the times”, Burrell said.

Relationship with brother

Aside from his pity for Queen Elizabeth, Burrell also spoke out about Harry’s relationship with his brother Prince William. The relationship between the two brothers has not improved since Harry and Meghan’s decision. “I really think that William and Harry no longer have the bond that they once had. At the time of their mother’s death, they were very clearly connected and inseparable. I feel sorry for them, because their mother would have felt terrible about it as well.”

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Hard to understand

After Harry and Meghan’s decision, the media were quick to pile on the couple. There were rumors about Meghan, who allegedly could not handle the workload of the royal family, according to some. Burrell replied: “It is difficult for the outside world to understand what it means to live in a palace. You don’t just get married to one person; you marry the whole family. Meghan had no idea what she was getting into. No one can know because you never know what it’s like.”

Moving words

Burrell said that Princess Diana once gave him a special note. “I recently came across a letter the princess had written to me. She wrote to me about her future and said, ‘I’m going to live with my head held high, laugh and love.” The ex-butler thought that sending this note to Harry and Meghan could be too poignant.

Princess Diana’s approval

Whether Princess Diana would have supported and approved of the decision of Harry and Meghan? Burrell had an answer ready. Speaking to CheshireLive, he said: “Princess Diana would have wanted her sons to be happy and would have supported them unconditionally.”

Had Harry not said goodbye to his royal title, his chances of becoming king would still have been very small. Harry was sixth in line for the throne. “So why wouldn’t he choose a happy life?”, Burrell said.

Many similarities

According to Burrell, it’s a fact that Meghan and Princess Diana look alike. He says that if Princess Diana had been alive today, she might not have gotten along well with Meghan. This is due to the fact that the two share so many similarities.

“They are both women who always stand up for what they believe in. They are not scammers. Yet the two would clash as they are two independent women with different views.”

Using the media

Aside from the similarities, Burrell also notices a big difference between Meghan and Diana. The two obviously love the press, but both for different reasons. For example, according to Burrell, Meghan would mainly use the media to advance her career. Princess Diana is said to have used the media because she didn’t feel heard. Diana wanted to reveal what happened behind the closed doors of the royal family.

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Burrell has his concerns about Meghan’s relationship with the press. Meghan said several times that she was stalked by the press. “They have to accept that they will be photographed by the paparazzi. They can’t live a completely private life.”

Lash out

Of course, Burrell did not leave it at this statement. Meghan’s love of the limelight caused irritation in Burrell. For example, he wrote in The Sun: “The lines between celebrities and royals are blurring. There is a clear line between the two, and Meghan does not seem to know the difference. The Queen has always said, ‘We are not celebrities. Being a royal is quite different’”

It is clear that Burrell has a strong opinion about Harry and Meghan. There is a good chance that Burrell will continue voicing his opinion about the ex-royals in the future. One thing is certain: the ex-butler will not mince his words.

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